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Adult Science Fiction


As the last of her kind following her people’s decimation during the Great Intergalactic Wars, Iska Mël has sworn allegiance to the one ruler who set the universe at rest and enabled for a peaceful expansion of the Planet Network: King Azure. Using her unique skills to become the organic depository of thousands of languages and cultures, Iska buries in her diplomatic and anthropologic work.


But when she’s extracted under her King's orders from the deep cover mission she's poured herself into, she knows something is very wrong.​


As she returns to the Grove to face a dying King, the Council Of Planets orders Iska to remain under the protection of the King’s guards until a new ruler is voted in. Her skills and connections make her as much an asset to peace as it is to war. But a cryptic message left for her by the King has her breaking out for the biggest diplomatic mission she’s ever encountered: track down King Azure’s only descendant, traded in to end the war, and wager his release from the same people that started the war in the first place.


YA Science Fiction

Ten days, six hours, and ten minutes. That's how long Gen has until her Transference Day, the day when her brain will be mapped and she'll become immortal. Linked to Virtual Reality since birth, she only knows a world as generated by Singularity’s programming, her situation dictated generations ago when humanity decided to shed their dependence on organic form to upload their consciousness.

Singularity's rules are strict, and as a soon-to-be Architect, Gen should follow them if she wants to eventually uphold them.

But when her best friend Elias suddenly offLinks in a bad part of Singularity. Gen can't accept the cause is organic body death, not when his vital signs were the picture of health moments before. She especially won't accept it when she proves his avatar was forcefully offLinked. When it's clear there are no answers on Singularity, there is only one thing Gen can do, Architect or not: she offLinks.

Now Gen has eight days, two hours, and seven minutes to find out what happened to Elias and how he was forcefully offLinked in an organic world reclaimed by nature. Eight days, two hours, and seven minutes before she loses her chance at immortality or loses her best friend.

Adult Science FIction

chasing static

In the slums of MainWay, where biotech implants are illegally refurbished and enhanced, pleasure pusher Cyla Hart scrapes out creds by manipulating others' brainwaves. It pays for a residence pod at the top of the stacks while she keeps a low profile. But when Cyla's escape from a raid damages her implant, her world comes crashing down. The cops are on her tail, her pod is repossessed and she can't even access her hard creds to skip town. She must find a way to get her implant fixed, even if that means involving the only person she calls family, her foster brother.


Biotech regulation officer Quirin wishes he never led the club sweep that uncovered the body of the Augmented Reality Networks CEO which now threatens the promotion that'll grant him enough healthcreds to save his dying brother. Dead end after dead end, the politically loaded investigation leads him to the darkest parts of the slums. where anyone can sniff out his BR status faster than a recog drone. Quirin needs an in, someone like Cyla Hart who just turned up half-dead at an uptown treatment center.


Teaming up with a criminal goes against everything Quirin believes in but his brother's rapidly failing nanos leave him no choice and while Cyla isn't exactly thrilled to work with the arrogant cop who put her brother behind bars, he offers her a deal she can't refuse: her help for her brother's release.


YA Science FIction

Eighteen-year-old Lana would do anything to honor her father, killed the day he discovered The End World, a ravaged parallel planet. So, when Earth calls for prodigies to study and rebuild The End World, Lana packs up her kick-ass attitude and F-bomb slippery tongue to become a Spinner, traveling between the two worlds and escorting researchers throughout the devastated landscape. Not an easy task when the survivors consider them invaders, and one screw up could spark an inter-dimensional war.


When Lana saves Alex, a survivor with a cute butt and mad fighting skills, she’s propelled to the rank of Headsquad.

Sent on a mission to set up an alliance with Alex’s leader, she hopes for an open dialogue between her people and the survivors. But as she learns he’s the one who killed her father, she’s faced with a gut-ripping choice: follow her orders and develop peace, or avenge her father’s death and risk war.

Adult  Science FIction


As a genetically engineered gladiator, Axia is programmed with one motto: kick ass and don't ask questions. Created to fight in the decadent System's blood-drenched arenas, she lives one fight at a time.


When she wins her freedom, she swears to forget about her violent past. But building a life on the outside is harder than cutting heads. It's not like her training in hundreds of killing techniques looks good on a resume. As she struggles to live as a Citizen, she meets Aaron, a welcome distraction.


The Catch: he is her creator's son.


When he divulges her genes were manipulated beyond The System's regulations, she is faced with a gut-ripping choice: embrace her past and face the reasons behind her creation, or forget she is different and build a future based on lies. All that, without falling for Aaron.



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